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I’ve got a small kitchen reno I’m doing on a 1920s farm house.

(I apologize for spelling / grammar below)

I used Cliq because my local source has been failing lately.

Initial perception:

Website, pretty good, however there is an annoying method of searching.

I.E. I sort to the area I want, click one thing to research may or may not be what I was looking for... hit the back button.... instantly sent to the initial home page to start the process over.


Excellent!!! I was super nervous on this but seriously the consultant I worked with was amazing. I can’t speak highly enough on her help and professionalism.


Easy, probably to easy because I spent more than planed, however not to bad. The method of labeling items is pretty confusing. I would recommend revamping that labeling process on the shipping index because it was pretty interesting picking it apart.

The discount thing is kinda dumb because it seems to be a marketing thing... I would rather you just showed the actual price, not the.... look how much, but I guess we’ll give to you for this....

I specifically requested a 3 month delayed order due to construction requirements. Literally a month in, I got a messege my cabinets had shipped. Now all my cabinets had to sit who knows were at in an area that I have no idea how the climate was, or how many times it was shifted... moved... forklifted... Raines on.. moved... dropped etc. long story short Cliq paid for the storage but it was an easy issue to have avoided.



Missed the time because I got a five minute call “hey were at your house” not exactly Cliq fault but I guess they might want to review there shippers.



Items messed up in transit. Due to the space it took me a bit to go through them... I am still finding issues.


Good, finish ok

Paint: consistent color

Cracks.... I expected this but not kidding there are some crazy chipped areas on the corners (probably poor shippers). A lot of rub marks....

additionally at the 45s the paint bubbled poped more the a crack.

Joiner: ok, 7% brads and staples missed the partner surface

Film on the inside: The “protective vener?” Low qual painted paper esc


Still working... seems cabinets seem true

Blum hardware is solid.

More to follow I guess hope this helps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cliqstudios Cabinet.

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