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The cabinets themselves are good quality (except for the unfinished bottoms so that you can see plain color wood if you put any cabinets up high at all, though that's not totally uncommon but did not expect at this price point). The delivery, assembly and customer service relating to a number of incorrect items was a nightmare.

A mountain of boxes was delivered without a single label, no instructions at all and not even a copy of the design plan so contractors took ages trying to figure it all out.

Every custom piece we ordered for our kitchen was wrong (all manner of wrong dimensions) and had to be replaced, which took weeks, and which they gave us a hard time about. The time delay and expense it impacted us with (thousands of extra contractor dollars to sort out this mess) wasn't even worth it for some elements so we just used 2x4s behind some of the cabinets that were too shallow to make them work so we could at least partially get started putting the kitchen together.

There are also lots of gaps and visible lines (our kitchen is white) where things don't fit flush next to each other like they should so our $25K kitchen looks like Ikea instead of the images on this website.

Very disappointed and have to live with it as the centerpiece of our house. Would never use Cliq again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Cliqstudios Customer Care.

Reason of review: Several of the above - all custom items wrong. Nightmare..

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

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[I have no ties to this company at all but have over 30 years of design, building and installing custom and manufactured cabinets.] Adding to this review too! You need new contractors!

And to help others that expect different outcomes before you feel the need to put the blame on a cabinet "provider" understand things: 1) You are asking for cabinets from an online company that doesn't personally take measurements in your kitchen (like a custom builder would do). Asking your contractor or flooring guy to measure your kitchen for you does not justify either). So if you are off 1/8, 1/4, 1/16 etc. and/or your walls are not square or perfectly level, or you didn't allow for fillers that need to be scribed to the wall, you or your installer is responsible.

2) You WILL pay 100% for cabinets you buy anywhere online unless they financing through a provider. Big box stores are the same way. Don't expect CliqStudios to be different. 3) When you design your kitchen in your head and partially online, you have a general idea of what you want and the prices will reflect your general idea.

Most people don't think about fillers, shoe moulding, toe kicks and their raw/unfinished edges, scribe trim, soft close, finished ends, etc. so the price is usually higher to achieve the end result you're after. A designer has limited control if they're not standing in your kitchen noticing every detail. 4) It is very common for a custom builder and/or installer to recognize changes in the fields that apply after the initial building or ordering.

Don't expect everything is shipped in boxes perfectly designed. 5) A good installer is able to open boxes and not need a drawing to figure things out quickly. I never have. The range, sink, dishwasher and fridge all tell you where cabinets are going.

It's a 20 minute problem. It's very helpful and it would be helpful that when your boxes arrive that YOU provide the drawings and renderings. You are responsible - not the online supplier. 6) If you are asking someone to install your cabinets that doesn't do it every day (this INCLUDES your building contractor (because they DON'T)) then don't expect the provider to be your problems.

Never ask a building contractor to install cabinets, or an electrician, plumber, flooring contractor, etc. to install your cabinets and blame anyone else. Cabinets are not hard to do, but a cabinet installer knows how to adjust for all the extras not accounted for. 7) What refund are you looking for?

Are you going to go to the diamond mines to complain about your ring "you" bought? You are ordering cabinets online. That doesn't mean bad....it means you have to accept responsibility that when a custom builder would take on himself for his own misses. 8) Accept variables.

If you order kitchens every week or install them you will know what little things are needed when others don't. It's okay to have mistakes. It's also okay for two weeks to be acceptable to get cabinet parts ordered and shipped to you. A custom maker will also have to have time to make, shape, prime, paint, sand, paint again, etc, etc to get something done.

9) Ask questions before complaining, reviewing, expecting, etc. It's still people - people. The only expectations there should be is that there are exceptions to perfection, that sometimes it's a direction change not a decision change, and that putting the blame or responsibility on someone else seems to be easy and justified. It's not.

There are ALWAYS solutions to things. I put all this up in hopes that people will understand that it sometimes isn't always the company or provider that is wrong when a customer has issues. In this case, cabinets, there are very many parts that it takes to achieve a perfectly installed kitchen. There are very many variables in quality differences and allowances necessary.

Don't expect yourself or an offsite company to know everything perfectly. I love cabinet design and helping people say "wow" every time they walk into their kitchen. I liked building them and before and after accomplishments. I now just help with the out of box thinking that companies and customers miss.

I want customers that come looking to have what they come for and beyond. I have no ties to this company, never spoke with them. I'm here to help you as a customer to get what you want and to do that I have to help give insight on the process many don't understand going in. It's not always a company's fault and it's commendable when the company tries to make good when knowing it's not their responsibility.

I will help anyone I can, and if you are looking, debating, designing, complaining, etc I can try to help you accomplish a better result. I hope this helps.

Like I said, I'm very experienced in cabinets over 30yrs, and have become more experienced with situations like this. JonathanTaylorGroup.com


Because of reviews like these I stayed away from this company. First was quoted $9800 for our kitchen via pre-liminary estimate then actual quote was $21,800.00 Yea something is not right.

Ohh yeah and pay all of it upfront?

That is simply not happening. There are better companies out there for this price point.

CliqStudios Verified Representative

We sincerely apologize for your experience and thank you for sharing this information with us. We know you've been working with your designer and customer service and we are happy to work with you further to provide continued support.

Please let us know if there is anything further we can do to assist you and again we apologize. Thank you for your time and honesty.

to CliqStudios #1513147
CliqStudios Verified Representative

Our director of Customer Service has reached out to you in hopes of talking to you about your experience. Please give him a call back at your earliest convenience. Again, we apologize and hope that we can connect to mend the situation.

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