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Although I liked the sample, the product quality, designer and customer service is pathetic. The designer was slow (days at a time to turn around a design tweak) and uncooperative and cost me additional money on her two mistakes. The pantry does NOT come with roll out trays and when I had to downsize from 24" to 21" she did not include that option. The wall oven had add on drawers as I only had one oven not double. The add on drawers should have been for base 30" cabinets but were vanity. I had to ship back and pay freight over $100 and 20% restock fee. In the interim, the correct items for rollout trays and proper drawers for wall cabinet arrived three weeks later. Unfortunately contractors were gone and left now with extra labor cost and to find someone who will do a small cabinet job.

Some of the drawers came off the drawer box in the cartons in the garage due to cheap screws used in the drawer face to box. The veneer fronts are extremely linear strips so please be aware. I did think they were solid fronts but that mistake is on me as saw later that they are veneer fronts. Hopefully you can learn from my mistake.

The wall cabinets were scratched and the original shelves were badly nicked and finished off poorly. When replacement shelves came, they were NOT matching interior shelves. They send you a 'touch-up' kit for scratches. I had to call customer service repeatedly to get a status on when shipping replaced items.

Once you finally sign off on design, you do NOT have the capability of ordering the items yourself. It goes through Cliq Studios slow service process of days to approve. There was no communication when items would arrive except for the freight company contacting me. I had back and forth to get the freight truck with a lift for the proper delivery because the freight company's original instructions was off the back of the truck street side.

My returned items took TWO weeks for the credit to appear. They were fedex received on 6/13 and received email on 6/15 for the credit amount. Not until Wednesday 6/27 did the credit show up on my charge card. How many times have you returned items to home depot or lowes and we all know it only takes two or three days to reflect the credit.

Cliq Studios charges $172 @ to prep a wall cabinet for glass with no glass. KitchenCabinetKings in New York actually offered very similar product with wall cabinet glass and many other base cabinet modifications. Only reason I did not select KitchenCabinetKings was pantry had to be 24" or 18", and I needed a 21". In hindsight, I wish I had gone with KitchenCabinetKings with a 24" pantry and just creep into an adjoining room.

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We have been dealing with a Cliq Studio nightmare for 5 months and still don't have a usable kitchen. There cabinets are so poorly constructed and are delivered with such significant defects that some have had to be replaced 4 times and still had gauges in the doors etc. Also the designer even though she had all the correct measurements and her drawings show it, her design has doors that cannot be opened completely.

We gave up finally and are still trying to get our money back so we can purchase elsewhere.

They are a horrible company and I have reported them to our Attorney General's Office and Minnesotas' and BBB.

San Diego, California, United States #665370

Cliq was an absolute horrible experience.I wasted my hard earned money that I saved for seven years to afford our dream kitchen.

Quality, zero, Customer service, zero.

The only visible light was their Designer, Kara.If I had it to do all over again, I would do Ikea at half the price!

San Diego, California, United States #587856

I am going thru this situation myself.The hassle has been horrific.

Many days of lost work, awaiting for deliveries that never happen.

Product is not worth the money, unfortunately, I'm stuck at this point and have to install all the cabinets, as a return to Cliq is too costly.If it were up to me, I'd do the IKEA thing.

to Bob #620580

Boy does this all ring true!We have spent over $10,000 with them, and are in the middle of an unbelievable denial on Cliq's part to take any responsibility with their products.

A majority of the doors and and some cabinet frames arrived with either the nail and staple holes coming through, cracks in the union joints, or unfinished surfaces. When we corresponded directly with them, including providing pictures, their response has been that this was acceptable by industry standards and what we got was quality in their opinion.

When we asked them to replace the 20+ doors at least, their response was they would not because new doors would not be finished any better than the ones we original received.

Just to note, when you read the above posting, don't you wonder why there are 119 "***" votes but not one written word as to why they feel that way.Looks like someone who maybe works there just goes in and hits the tab to discredit the original posting.

to Duped in Thousand Oaks CA Los Angeles, California, United States #640674

We originally posted back on March 9th.We actually have been working with Cliq about the concerns and have come to recognize they are a good company who stand behind their product quality.

Maybe we let our emotions get the best of us and spoke too soon.It feels good to buy in the USA from a company that will listen to you and work with you to resolve.

to Update on Duped Thousand Oaks #665512

Lets clarify something here.Cliqstudios sells cabinets online.

They do not manufacture them.

The company who supplies them is called "6 SQUARE" These are Asian-imported cabinet components which are ASSEMBLED (not built) in the USA and then sold online directly to consumers by Cliqstudios.

Buy whatever you like, but be aware of what you're buying!

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